Teacher’s Guide

We wanted to share this educator guide that coordinate with some of our coloring books.  The guide was written by an educator and have school science standards to make it easier on our teachers and parents who are homeschooling.   Outreach is definitely getting trickier, but not impossible.  We are doing everything we can to make it easier on you.  We can now drop ship to your clients just email us at sales@watereducationgroup.com or contact your sales rep for more information. In addition, if you are interested in licensing digital coloring books to go along with the guides please let us know.   We are all in this together.


This guide provide educators and parents with essential background information, practical lessons, and hands-on investigations for educating children about electricity and energy safety. Large group activities ideal for the classroom and small group activities suitable for the home are designed to enhance student learning. Essential questions and lesson plans are linked to curriculum requirements and explore themes within topics such as science as inquiry, and science in personal and social perspectives. The guide’s activities aim to help children acquire skills that are significant in their developmental process—to collect, organize, and communicate ideas.


Download The Educator’s Guide to Saving Water

Coloring book can be found here.