Road Warrior Kit

We designed this kit for employees who need to spend the bulk of their days in cars and trucks. 1 medium bottle of hand sanitizer to keep in the cup holder, 10 3-ply disposable masks to use as backup if the mask they started the day with gets dirty or needs to be replaced and 5 pairs of nitrile gloves if they end up in a situation where gloves are necessary. All of the items are packaged in a box with tips from the CDC about how to protect themselves printed on the inside flap of the box. It’s a great way to give those employees who need to be in the field a set of resources to go in their vehicle.

Please contact us for larger quantities or customization options.

These are not medical grade products and have not been approved by FDA for medical use. They are not approved for use in a medical or healthcare setting or in a setting where the infection risk level is high.

5 - 100 101+
$25 Please call 845.535.3057

Shipping not included. Please contact us about customization options and translations.